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Natalie Lopez Inspired Artwork Tshirt

100% of Proceeds from this shirt will go directly towards the Healing through Art Program for Veterans.
Bio of the Artist.
Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Natalie became a self-taught artist by enhancing her skills in Abilene, Texas. Her illustrations have appeared on KRBC and KXVA. She was the featured artist in 2017 at the Cockerell-Upstairs Gallery, breaking in the new year for the month. Natalie was also named 'Women Veteran Artist' winner for 2017; out of 400 applicants, Natalie was chosen to be recognized and her art displayed in the Women's Veteran Art Show at 10 Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Medical Centers across the country. 
Natalie is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan as a Security Forces member in the USAF; leaving her mark on deployment by painting murals to inspire women and children in the Middle East. 
Painting heavily picked up after her second divorce. As any master veteran knows, you know you are veteran when you have multiple marriages or when your significant other does the unthinkable while you are deployed; unfortunately, that was added to Natalie's life.  During a period of darkness, an unexpected turn hit her with the negative prior encounters in life; PTSD unexpectedly showed it's face. To numb the pain of what seems to be a relapse, Natalie turned towards her skill she embraced enormously. 
Natalie's mission is to guide veterans towards a canvas and create a solitude atmosphere for her brothers and sisters with illnesses and disabilities;  welcoming veterans to join in the fight against their personal demons and create a balance to tame through art at her studio. 
Veteran's Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255/Press 1 or Text 838255 Confidential Veteran Chat

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Customer Reviews

christopher gonzalez


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this is worth a million.

Robert J. Alessi


This is an amazing shirt only because the artist is an amazing women.  She is extremely talented and I'm confident in saying that she has only started to scratch the surface her potential for being a great and popular artist.  She's even great already because of what she does for others.  I love my shirts and will proudly wear them in honor of her and the many people she has touched with her talent.

Not Important


It is a great t-shirt and the artist is extremely talented.   I couldn't be happier with what I purchased and what I contributed to.

Elizabeth Winters


I love my shirt! Great quality and wonderful design and knowing the cause made it priceless! Thank you so much!

Sean D Cummings


I love the design, the cause, and I found the time from order to receipt to be swift! Keep it up, y'all!